Low budget development and low budget hosting?

Who are we?

We are Overpunch Studios. We do development and hosting all for a very low budget price. Our main priorities are: quality, customer satisfaction and our low budget pricing. Why would'nt you choose for us? If you find any cheaper low budget development or low budget hosting prices compared to our prices then contact us and can get a discount of our price and we will change our prices ASAP so you and everyone else will always have the lowest budget price guarenteed.

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What do we do?

Our development plans have currently been web development, app development, game development, software development and bot development. We are looking to extend this list and learn from other businesses their problems where we can implement our solution for them. Also we have a very low budget pricing for our web hosting, we do this cheap as we want to give everyone a chance to start their website and their community. Also we are kind and talk to our customer like they are our friends and friends will take all the time for eachother.

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Why us?

Why you should choose for Overpunch Studios? Cause we are very kind, take the time for you and your service and we will rather call instead of mailing as you have an immediate response time and some human contact, we are very low budget and will always be the lowest around and at last our prices might seem not real but they are if you are interested in some stories of our previous customers you can contact us and we will put you through.

Latest News

Status and Web RCON

It's been a while but we haven't forgotten you all. We have been working on somethings and we had some problems such as that some colleages had some problems with their PC's (this is still happening #SadXattics). But don't be scared we are planning to come back soon (planned around July). We all have been working on some projects and some older projects got paused cause of time issues. One of the projects Patrick is working on currently is a Web RCON tool for all the game server owners/admins out there. We're hoping to release this tool around June/July depending on the testing results.