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OVP ManagerOVP ManagerOVP Manager


OVP Manager is a very big bot that has a subscription fee of €2,00 per month. It has many features like:
- Welcoming
- Livestream announcer
- Events
- Autoroles



Ever wanted to control your gameservers from 1 website? Well with our web RCON you can! This tool works fully for phones and your computers!

All you need to do is register and add your server after that you have full control to the server! Ofcourse you can get rid of the ads and it will give you an extra server slot. But if you want unlimited servers and access to quick commands you can do this aswel!



Want to sync files between your USB and a location on your computer? Now you can with Drive-Sync!

Syncronize an external USB/Hard Disk with a location on your computer!
Select the USB and location first hand and change them later in the options menu!
Syncronizing goes both ways so you always have a backup of your latest work. If the same file exists in a folder it checks what the latest version is and overwrites the oldest file with the newer file!

The Mazes

The MazesGAME

Ever wanted to get extra frustrated?
Well now you can! Simply try to find the exit in Mazes... just don't get stuck.

Just 1 maze! Enjoy!

The Carnival Game

The Carnival GameGAME

Did you ever wanted to shoot ducks on a carnival but never had any chances?
Well now you can!



How does it feel to be followed by a ghost?
Are you scared by evil voices?
Then Endless might be something for you!