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Become Partnered

As a partner you get many benefits! If you have a problem you will get helped as soon as possible!

Want to become a partner? Click the link below and mail us!

Become Partner

Why should you become partnered?

As a partner you get many benefits. The prices will be lower in general.
Our prices for partners are (Exclusive VAT):

  • Artwork small (1/2 hours): $2.50.

  • Artwork big: $5 and up.

  • Development small (1 day): $5.

  • Development big: $10 and up.

  • Service (like server Maintenance): $5 monthly.

If you need a server for it aswell we can discuss the prices including a server.
I know some will think its cheap but we are a company that enjoys helping all of you for a very cheap price!