Latest News

Status and Web RCON

It's been a while but we haven't forgotten you all. We have been working on somethings and we had some problems such as that some colleages had some problems with their PC's (this is still happening #SadXattics). But don't be scared we are planning to come back soon (planned around July). We all have been working on some projects and some older projects got paused cause of time issues. One of the projects Patrick is working on currently is a Web RCON tool for all the game server owners/admins out there. We're hoping to release this tool around June/July depending on the testing results.


Its our birthday!

Yes, 2 years ago on this date we started the company.
We are looking forward to this upcoming year we have many things planned!


New Ideas For Projects!

Yes we are back again with news! We have a few ideas for some projects.

Remember these are just ideas so they can be cancelled!!!

  • - 2.5D Platformer for PC and Mobile
  • - Hacking Simulator (Terminal based with MP) for PC
  • - Realistic car/racing game, with VR support for PC

All these ideas have no name yet. So we would like to make a contest. We want you all to create a nice and creative name for these games they will be chosen later in development!


New Socials!

Yes, you read that right!
Overpunch is now on Instagram, Discord, Facebook, Steam and Twitter!
There are links to all these at the bottom of the page, so feel free to check them out.
We'll post updates on our projects and sneakpeeks of upcoming features!


Drive-Sync Released!

After some time developing we are pleased to release Drive-Sync!
This Application is very handy and can be downloaded at our Projects page!
If you find any bugs please mail them to us and we will work them out!


New website!

As you all can see we changed the website and upgraded our back-end!
As well there are some projects incoming!
Stay tuned for more news!