Overpunch Studios
Welcome to Overpunch Studios!

Welcome to Overpunch Studios!

Who are we?

We are Overpunch Studios. We develop Games, Bots, Websites and Applications! All for you! And we help you setup gaming servers, community servers and other servers. For very low prices.

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What do we do?

We develop Games, Bots, Websites and Applications! And we help you startup your community on social platforms, start your own game servers and we can create graphics for you! And everything for very cheap! If you have any specific requests mail them aswell! If you bought software we will help you set it up in your work environment! (only if you become partnered)

Why did we start?

We started Overpunch Studios because we wanted to entertain people with Games and we wanted to train our skills more. After sometime we grew from not only games but to many other needs like websites, applications and bots. So we could train more and help people with their needs.

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Latest News

Status and Web RCON

It's been a while but we haven't forgotten you all. We have been working on somethings and we had some problems such as that some colleages had some problems with their PC's (this is still happening #SadXattics). But don't be scared we are planning to come back soon (planned around July). We all have been working on some projects and some older projects got paused cause of time issues. One of the projects Patrick is working on currently is a Web RCON tool for all the game server owners/admins out there. We're hoping to release this tool around June/July depending on the testing results.